Trend of the Week: Holidays

Explore the enduring elegance of vintage cocktail dresses, gowns, and other holiday apparel that serve as an inspiration for today's fashion trends!


E-commerce is no longer the future of fashion: it’s now. Fueled by our
passion for small businesses and sustainability, we partner with expert
vintage sellers to give them maximum visibility for reaching the growing
global market. Online shoppers can now discover unique treasures from
home with our collection of coveted designers, rare vintage pieces,
silhouettes through the decades, and our fashionable community with
major influence — all in one place.

Personalized Curation

Transforming secondhand treasures into curated masterpieces, theREMODA
breathes new life into pre-loved fashion. With an expert eye for style,
they meticulously curate and seamlessly blend unique pieces from various
resale shops, creating fashion-forward ensembles that redefine
sustainable chic.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Examination of the item by our curators/stylists.

We check the size, condition, value
and authenticity of the item using the seller's photo. When passing the
examination - we place it on a white background


After the sale of the product, we
will pick it up from the seller and deliver it to the buyer ourselves,
having checked before that in our office for the authenticity and
compliance of the item's description.

Who We Are?

theREMODA is the ultimate online destination for buying and selling
secondhand fashion. Founded by fashion industry veteran Olya Dzilikhova
in 2020, our mission is to break barriers for small businesses and
personal style with an accessible, 360 digital experience. We connect
thrift and vintage shops across the country with fashion curators,
stylists and buyers, helping them eliminate expenses from marketing and
e-commerce so they can focus on what they do best. Join us in the next
generation of secondhand fashion where diversity and inclusion thrives.