One of my favorite things to do is shop in vintage and secondhand stores everywhere we travel.  I used to do a whole research whenever we traveled somewhere about  top vintage/secondhand shops at our points of destination.  I loved the idea of having the essence of each city curated differently, with a personal touch of the owner and the culture.
A little over a year ago I asked myself why there isn’t an online presence for multiple secondhand shops in one place, where each store has its own presence, look and feel.  This is how the idea was born to create one central online platform.  
Small consignment and vintage shops and boutiques  are the founding stone of this movement. theREMODA is  created with the goal to help small businesses, from  the most remote locations, to be seen and heard. 
Another goal was to make sure it is curated according to the latest trends in fashion.  The idea is to style each piece of clothing on our platform and to make it the most relevant today.
Moreover, to hire independent stylists/curators who will handpick  items from smaller boutiques, based on the featured weekly trend was another unique approach.
When you shop theREMODA you will get suggestions for the  looks and  items that would work great together.
Extremely important and maybe the most relevant goal is sustainability.  Fashion industry has produced so much product in the past few decades. It  polluted air and water  worldwide.  By buying second hand we help our planet without having to produce another unnecessary garment.
Last but not least making fashion more affordable is another benefit of buying second hand.  We all know that we can find true treasures for a fraction of the original price.

Today, in times of great uncertainty, we understand that small business owners need help. Since all the production worldwide has stopped, recycling concept is ideal, especially when it comes to fashion.
It’s the moment in time like this we all need to unite! Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and know that we’re going to get through this  together!

Olya Dzilikhova