50 pastel colors in Beacon`s Closet

Written by Dana Belodedenko


Posted on September 30 2021

We continue to talk about our stores, their treasures, and what makes the place unique. Today's hero is Beacon's Closet.

Founded by four talented women, Beacon`s Closet is based in Brooklyn, NY. They embrace sustainability and ethical business practices. Authentic vintage pieces, killer clothes, and fabulous accessories, Beacon`s closet has it all. In our selection. We present you everyday skirts, brunch-style dresses, and several iconic shoe pairs. 

Racked magazine listed Beacon`s Closet to top 12 resale stores in NYC.

"Beacon's Closet has become one of the most well-known, oft-visited buy-sell-trade stores in New York, scouted by TV stylists, dug through by the fashion-conscious, and thoroughly searched by students and those on a budget"

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