Chanel Files x theREMODA

Written by Olga Dzilikhova


Posted on March 21 2021


Pleasure to have you join theREMODA community Chanel. Please tell us a little about yourself and how you started your blog.

Chanel: I’m a Bay Area native and started my blog back in 2011 while in college as a way to share my love of fashion, personal style and trends I was a fan of. Back then, blogging wasn’t “a thing” and I remember vividly explaining to people what a blog actually was. Fast forward to 2021 and creating digital content has become full-blown careers for so many creators in the digital fashion space.

TRM:  What's the secret to your success as a blogger for Chanel files? 
Chanel: I would say the secret to my success as a content creator isn’t necessarily a secret at all. I simply believe in the power of consistency and so long as I continue to create content that I love, opportunities and open doors will follow.

TRM: Current favorite piece in your closet?
Chanel: Wow!  I don’t know that I can singularly point out one favorite piece in my wardrobe. But if I had to narrow it down, it’s be a toss-up of my knee-high Isabel Marant boots that I scored for 50% off a few seasons ago, a pair of “old” Céline slides that I’ll NEVER sell or my vintage Fendi beaded baguette I won in an EBay war!
TRM: You go-to outfit? 
Chanel: Life is different for us these days so my go-to outfit has been a matching loungewear set and chunky knit socks. But on the rare occasion that I’m actually getting dressed, I’m really loving straight leg jeans paired with western boots and a simple strong shoulder tee. Classic but with a cool touch. 
TRM:  Do you shop consignment? If so, what is one of the most favorite consigned pieces that you ever bought ?
Chanel: I love shopping consignment and one of my favorite buys has to be my vintage Louis Vuitton Cannes bag. I scored it about three years ago and I‘be loved it ever since. Also something I’d never sell! 
TRM: How do you style an outfit? Who or what inspires you? 
Chanel: When styling any outfit, my biggest priority is always comfort. I’ve realized over the years how much I value being comfortable so if it’s not comfortable, I don’t even consider wearing it. But from a creative aspect, I’m always inspired by menswear. I love all things oversized. Particularly blazers, button-down shirts and even jeans. Any one of these pieces can be worn separately, take you from day-to-night and truly stand the test of time.
TRM: How important for you is sustainability ? 
Chanel: Sustainability has definitely become a lot more of a priority over the last few years. As my style matures, I’ve grown to understand the importance of recycling my wardrobe and shopping consignment. In an industry that is still very much so dominated by fast-fashion, it’s nice to know that I play a small part in helping to reduce waste and give something old a new life.
TRM: Top tip for others wishing to shop more responsibly?
Chanel: For those wishing to shop more responsibly, I’d say start with what you know. Shopping consignment is a huge industry and can be a bit overwhelming but starting local and supporting small businesses in your area is a great way to get your feet wet. 
TRM: What charity are you currently supporting ? 
Chanel: I love donating to several local charities but one in particular that I’ve made it a point to consistently support is the Bay Area Rescue Mission. They play a huge role in the city of Richmond, where I grew up, and not only do they provide clothing for the community, but they also provide housing and have several food banks set up for local residents in need.

TRM: Your tips for young bloggers who are just starting.
Chanel: One of the biggest tips I’d give to those starting a blog, or doing anything for that matter, would be to stay consistent. Nothing comes of anything that’s only done half the time.  So whether it’s a fashion blog or a YouTube channel or even starting a new book, simply be consistent. Everything else after that will naturally fall into place. 



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