Stand for Ukraine

Written by Dana Belodedenko


Posted on March 01 2022

02.24 part of the TheRemoda team that is based in Ukraine woke up from the sound of an explosion in Kyiv. 02.24 at 5 am, as in history books, Russia invaded Ukraine. We were silent for several days trying to process everything that happened and help Ukrainians on our own.

Fashion is a powerful instrument and we need to use it to spread awareness about the truth. It`s not a special operation that is happening just in Donetsk and Luhansk, it`s a full-scale war, a genocide of the Ukrainian nation. TheRemoda is launching the "Stand for Ukraine" collection. 10% of each sold item will be donated to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and charitable funds such as Save Life in UA and Ukrainian Red Cross.

We believe that no country and no nation in the world should be in a war conflict. It`s enough. Enough death, enough damages, and enough broken features. We stand for Ukraine and show our position as we can. Through fashion.



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