The culture of color red in Sex and the City

Written by Dana Bilodedenko


Posted on May 26 2022

Though the 90s were all about black color, Sex and the city proves otherwise. Despite Miranda's chic dark-colored outfits, we had Carrie and Charlotte who were mostly wearing light tones. Samantha, of course, was adept at the red color. Her bold character and sometimes eccentric behavior were perfectly described in her looks. Iconic red skirt suit from the first movie or red Birkin are the first examples that come to our mind when talking about Samantha's outfits. 


Samantha wasn't the only one whom the red color suited perfectly. We all remember Carrie's outfit for a date with Big when he returned back from Paris. Beret was a perfect accessory for that occasion. 

Other girls also were keen on styling red outfits. How can we forget amazing Charlotte's piece for a romantic night with Tray or Miranda's red dress for a beach party at the end of the second season? And these are only several examples.  



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