The history of Chanel 2.55

Written by Dana Bilodedenko


Posted on October 15 2022

Probably, it will be difficult to find a more iconic bag model. Chanel 2.55 is a timeless classic. She is advised to buy first when you start collecting luxury bags, collecting in different colors, and looking for archival models on reselling platforms. In the “History of one bag” section, we recall how Chanel 2.55 came to success.

The model was introduced in February 1955 (hence the name 2.55) because Coco Chanel was tired of losing small bags at social events in Paris. She feminized the concept of soldier's bags and revolutionized it again. But this time in the accessories segment.

Inspired by the designer's time at the orphanage, Coco created the chain straps as a tribute to the chains used for keys. The shelter inspired another detail - the inner color of the bag of the first release. As a child, Chanel wore a reddish-brown uniform. The coats worn by race riders inspired what is now the signature quilted leather.

The 2.55, revived in 2005 by Karl Lagerfeld, completely repeated its predecessor. A slightly modified version was introduced in the 80s, but with a new "C" clasp that became a cult item in its own right. Lagerfeld's mission to keep the original look of the 2.55 has led to numerous reincarnations in everything from new hardware to oversized day bags.



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