Why no one closes Hermes bags

Written by Dana Bilodedenko


Posted on August 16 2022

In street style, we often see girls crossing the road at ease or moving from one show to another with their bags unzipped. They don't seem to care at all that Paris is full of pickpockets, and New York is far from being the safest city on the planet. And most often, girls carry one of the Birkin or Kelly models in their hands. Here is why the most desired bags are worn open and who gave birth to this trend.

Grace Kelly became the "culprit" of the celebration. She was the first to go public with an unbuttoned Hermes and accidentally (or maybe not) gave rise to a long-term trend. This is explained simply: even in the second half of the twentieth century, life has accelerated so much that it would be irrational to waste time fighting a cunning clasp. Moreover, Kelly looks great when opened. The situation with Birkin is the same. You won’t spend an hour fastening it, but you will have to go through an easy quest. Girls prefer to be distracted by other important moments, especially since nothing peeks out of an open Birkin and will never randomly fall out.

After Grace, fashion designers picked up the idea, releasing girls on the catwalk with unbuttoned bags. Models that are worn on the shoulder, they put on with only one handle, leaving the second hanging down, and bags with short handles simply did not fasten. We advise you to be careful with this trend. Still, personal things are more important than fashionable flair. But for a couple of street-style shots, it’s a sacred thing, you can unfasten it.



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