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Chanel Files x theREMODA

  TRM: Pleasure to have you join theREMODA community Chanel. Please tell us a little about yourself and how you started your blog.Chanel: I’m a Bay Area native and started my blog back in 2011 while in college as a way to share my love of fashion, personal style and trends I was a fan of. Back then, blogging wasn’t “a thing” and I remember vividly explaining to people what a blog actually was. Fast forward to 2021 and creating digital content has become full-blown careers for so many creators in the digital fashion space. TRM:  What's the secret to your success as a blogger for Chanel files?  Chanel: I would say the secret to my success as a content creator isn’t...

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When we think of a suit we usually think of a power suits that lawyers or businessman wear. It is the idea of success! But with time it took a new approach where it became sexy and bright, comfortable and empowering to women...  Today, women around the world get to wear it as a fashion statement...But it is also very important that separates from suits look just as empowering if styled properly!Here are some of my personal inspirations..  

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To Me From Me: 5 Gifts I Want To Treat Myself With This Valentine's Day

While some may despise the mushy gushy holiday, I actually love Valentine's Day and am so here for it this year. Whether you're spending the holiday with your significant other or your best gals, dedicate this entire month to self-love and treating yourself with flowers, chocolates, and a new outfit. Keep reading to shop 5 gifts that my heart truly wants for this holiday dedicated to love.

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