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ISSEY MIYAKE 1990 Black & Beige Striped Pleated Spiral Dress | Size S/M

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  • Issey Miyake 1990 black and beige striped pleated spiral dress
  • Sleeveless
  • With the fabric left over at the neckline you can either wear it as a mock neckline, unfolded for a high neckline look or can be folded to create an asymmetrical ruff that can extend over one shoulder
  • Spiraling column detail is absolutely stunning
  • It presents both dynamic and rhythmic aesthetics all throughout as the fabric molds into a spiral that begins at the shoulders all the way down to the hem
  • Features a spiral stitch
  • Fitted-silhouette
  • The beauty of this sculptural hem is that each time you look at it from a different angle your able to admire something new
  • The nature of the fabric allows for a generous amount of stretch
  • Sized marked as 3 but best suited as a small or medium
  • The rows of black and beige that work in sequence with each other highlights the lines of the body
  • Slip-on
  • Unlined
  • Has been professionally eco-dry cleaned and pressed
  • Bust: 32-36 inches
  • Waist: 30 -36 inches
  • Length: 55 inches



Size: S/M

Color: Black/Beige

Material: Pleated Fabric

Condition: Excellent

Brand: Issey Miyake