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Pre-Owned GIL ZOHAR Gold Guardian Sphinx Bracelet - theREMODA

Attic Koncept

Pre-Owned GIL ZOHAR Gold Guardian Sphinx Bracelet

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  • Gil Zohar guardian Sphinx Bracelet
  • The sphinx is depicted in Egyptian mythology as a hybrid with a Pharaoh's head and a lion's body
  • In comparison, the sphinx in Greek Mythology has a women's head, a lion's body, and wings
  • Sphinx is derived from the Greek word "sphingo", which means to chok or to suffocate
  • According to Greek mythology, the sphinx guarded the city's gate and only those who could solve her riddle were allowed to enter, those who didn't died 
  • Weight: 90g
  • Height: 7cm
  • Width: 9cm



Size: OS

Color: Gold
Material: 24 Karat Gold, 4 Micron Thickness Plated Silver

Condition: Very Good
Brand: Gil Zohar