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Who wore it better: Paris Fashion Week edition

Bonjour Paris! We are crossing the finish line of fashion month and we are joining the capital of France for colorful street style. This year ladies are about being minimalistic, feeling comfortable wearing jeans and checked oversized jackets. While men are competing for the title of the most stylish looks this season. The mix of colors, prints, and textures — we adore their sense of style. Shop our edit via link here.  

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PINK as a new neutral color...

This season the new neutral is pink, according to many runway shows. Being used to our basic colors like black and beige pink s definitely out of the box. But don't be afraid of it... it is the most perfect statement color and actually matches with anything as long as it is the main focus point. Here is a little trick, if you wear pink in warm tone (orange pink, blush) combine it with beige and/or brown color.  If you wear colder pink like magenta or bubble gum pink than wear it with black and navy... Here are some inspirations for you and some of our favorites...   SHOP THEREMODA PINK      

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When we think of a suit we usually think of a power suits that lawyers or businessman wear. It is the idea of success! But with time it took a new approach where it became sexy and bright, comfortable and empowering to women...  Today, women around the world get to wear it as a fashion statement...But it is also very important that separates from suits look just as empowering if styled properly!Here are some of my personal inspirations..  

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